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Jonathan Geitner
RocketSportsFitness was founded by Jonathan Geitner. A keen sportsman who enjoys keeping fit and staying healthy, but who became frustrated with gym’s and the general lack of support & motivation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He also felt the personal trainers and coaches he had weren’t really good at keeping in touch and making sure he was on track.

Thus he felt something more should be done, and by setting up a bootcamps and personal training, he is able to make a difference, helping and supporting people along the way to achieve their desired results, whilst motivating them along the way.

There’s only so much training you can really do by yourself in a gym, without loosing interest or motivation after a certain amount of time.

One thing with boot camps that Jonathan can actively say, being a keen runner and cyclist, is how by improving the general all over fitness and core strength, it helps massively in the performance of all other sports.

Come join one of our outdoor fitness bootcamp in Chiswick!

Probably the best boot camp west london

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