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Boot camps or small group training are focused, planned workouts with the camaraderie of like-minded people led by a qualified instructor who helps motivate you and keep you going, pushing you a little extra, being that 10% more that you’d unlikely do on your own, and that is the bit that makes all the difference.

We run our Boot Camps and RunFit classes at the same time on set days of the week as outlined below, except on a few days throughout the year, such as  bank holidays and we sometimes may change the weekend mid-long distance run, although we do try keep them the same time each weekend.

Everything’s listed in the calendar, where if the date is not listed, its because its not happening!

Boot Camps & RunFit! classes take place in Acton Green Common, the park nearer Turnham Green Tube Station, on the side facing towards Acton / Bedford Park.

This is where we meet!

This is the schedule for Bootcamps (you can also check this on the main calendar).

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Alternatively if you’re wanting to chat a little more about what we do, or if you’re interested in another time or venue, get in touch here.

If you would like us to run boot camps in your area, have new ideas or want to suggest differing times to those listed below, again we’d love to hear from you – so just let us know.

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